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HealthTV connects your digital content to the shopper in the aisle.

Ads, videos, imagery, product information at the touch of a finger.

What message would you deliver to a shopper ready to make a purchase?

Review Campaign Results With HealthTV

How did shoppers respond to your ad?

Did shoppers take notice of your new product launch?

HealthTV can provides insight for your campaign so you know what's working and what's not.

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Here's Our Process

We're here to help you find the right displays, format your ads, and understand report data.

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  • Launch Your First Campaign

    This is the easy part. Our team will configure the campaign to target shoppers based on our call

  • See Engagement With Your Detailed Reports

    Track how many times your ads were played, viewed, and tapped in the aisle

SellrTV Risk-Free Guarantee!

We guarantee that your ads will be seen by real people shopping for Health products, in real stores. We’ll give you a ‘real-time’ reporting Dashboard to prove it! If you’re not satisfied, just tell us and we’ll refund your money. Simple.

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Our clients love working with SellrTV!

Verified Purchase

I can’t think of a single brand that would not want their content on this platform.

Verified Purchase

It’s hard to compete on the shelf with my small brand, but these ads put me in the top 10 brand views at a major retailer. I’m hooked!

Verified Purchase

The number of consumer engagements is clearly correlated with the number of ads. This channel works!

Frequently Asked Questions

If we don’t have video ads, can Sellr help us generate good still images using our content from our website, Facebook or other social media platforms?

Yes. We can reuse whatever you have. For a small fee we can also create professional (still image) ads for your brands or cocktails if you provide the photos and recipes.

Is there a particular format required for the videos or still images?

Yes, but it is very common. Here is a link to the specifications: SellrTV Media Specifications

Can I buy a campaign and run more than one product at a time, or switch out products month to month?

Yes. In fact we recommend this so you can take advantage of the volume and time commitment discounts.

The price sheet distinguishes Ad Plays from Impressions. What is the difference?

Ad Plays are the actual number of times your ad plays on a tablet. Impressions are the number of times someone saw the ad based on a calculation that includes store hours, the density of tablets in the store, the number of shoppers in the store, and the average time a shopper spends inside the store.