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SellrTV connects Shoppers with Brands at the Point of Decision

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Shoppers need help making beverage selections.

34% of boomers and 61% of millennials have no specific brand in mind when making alcohol purchases (2017 Nielsen Study)

How are you helping them choose your brand?

What message would you deliver to a shopper ready to make a purchase?

SellrTV is your new channel to engage product shoppers and connect them with your digital content in the aisle.

Ads, videos, imagery, product information at the touch of a finger.

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SellrTV’s Tablets are Interactive!

  • Runs continuous brand advertising in the foreground.
  • Presents detailed product information when a shopper taps on your ad or scans your product.
  • Allows shoppers to search for your products or cocktails and invites them to text or email the product info.
  • Targets adult beverage drinkers exclusively and even down to a specific category, e.g. Bourbon drinkers.

Watch your Ads Play in Real-Time

Every time your content plays, SellrTV's advanced platform reports back with the exact location and time of playing. With an interactive map, you can watch your content play in real-time.

Review Campaign Results With SellrTV

How did shoppers respond to your ad?

Did shoppers take notice of your new product launch?

SellrTV can provides insight for your campaign so you know what's working and what's not.

7 reasons why you should advertise on SellrTV’s interactive digital displays:

  1. The audience for your ads is exclusively alcohol buyers.
  2. You can target specific categories like Bourbon drinkers.
  3. Your ad dollars drive both brand equity and retail sales.
  4. With audio and video, our shelf talkers actually TALK!
  5. There’s not a more potent time or place to influence a consumer.
  6. Shoppers engage directly with your brand through text or email.
  7. You get reporting of shopper engagement.

We truly believe this is revolutionary for the industry.

Here's Our Process

We're here to help you find the right displays, format your ads, and understand report data.

  • Schedule A Call With Our Team

    We'll jump on a call to answer questions and plan out your ad campaign

  • Launch Your First Campaign

    This is the easy part. Our team will configure the campaign to target shoppers based on our call

  • See Engagement With Your Detailed Reports

    Track how many times your ads were played, viewed, and tapped in the aisle

SellrTV Risk-Free Guarantee!

We guarantee that your ads will be seen by real people shopping for Retail products, in real stores. We’ll give you a ‘real-time’ reporting Dashboard to prove it! If you’re not satisfied, just tell us and we’ll refund your money. Simple.

Pricing Plans For Any Brand

Basic $67/mo
Per Store
3 Month Minimum
  • Est. 8,325 Ad Plays/mo
  • 3,333 Ad Impressions/mo
  • Videos or Still Content
  • Up to 2 Brands
  • Up to 4 Creatives
  • Up to 4 Cocktails
  • All Tablets
    in Stores
  • Shopper Engagement Reporting
  • Sales Lift Reporting where available
Reach $160/mo
Per Store
3 Month Minimum
  • Est. 20,000 Ad Plays/mo
  • 8,000 Ad Impressions/mo
  • Videos or Still Content
  • Up to 4 Brands
  • Up to 8 Creatives
  • Unlimited of Cocktails
  • All Tablets
    in Stores
  • Shopper Engagement Reporting
  • Sales Lift Reporting where available
Category Lead $300/mo
Per Store
6 Month Minimum
  • Est. 37,500 Ad Plays/mo
  • 15,000 Ad Impressions/mo
  • Videos or Still Content
  • Unlimited Brands
  • Unlimited Creatives
  • Unlimited Cocktails
  • ~40% Weighted to Product Category Tablets
  • Shopper Engagement Reporting
  • Sales Lift Reporting where available

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Our clients love working with SellrTV!

Verified Purchase

I can’t think of a single brand that would not want their content on this platform.

Verified Purchase

It’s hard to compete on the shelf with my small brand, but these ads put me in the top 10 brand views at a major retailer. I’m hooked!

Verified Purchase

The number of consumer engagements is clearly correlated with the number of ads. This channel works!

Frequently Asked Questions

If we don’t have video ads, can Sellr help us generate good still images using our content from our website, Facebook or other social media platforms?

Yes. We can reuse whatever you have. For a small fee we can also create professional (still image) ads for your brands or cocktails if you provide the photos and recipes.

Is there a particular format required for the videos or still images?

Yes, but it is very common. Here is a link to the specifications: SellrTV Media Specifications

Can I buy a campaign and run more than one product at a time, or switch out products month to month?

Yes. In fact we recommend this so you can take advantage of the volume and time commitment discounts.

Can we run our ads exclusively on the tablets in front of our product category?

Yes - to a degree. We allow a maximum of 40% “share of time” on any given tablet. Most campaigns include a combination of ads running on all tablets with extra time on the tablet in front of your product category. You may purchase the maximum 40% time on the tablets in front of your product category with the CATEGORY LEAD campaign.

The price sheet distinguishes Ad Plays from Impressions. What is the difference?

Ad Plays are the actual number of times your ad plays on a tablet. Impressions are the number of times someone saw the ad based on a calculation that includes store hours, the density of tablets in the store, the number of shoppers in the store, and the average time a shopper spends inside the store.

Can I add my branded cocktails to the library of cocktails on the tablets?

Yes. As long as you advertise in some capacity we allow your cocktails to become permanent additions to the SellrTV cocktail library.

Are these ‘one-way’ screens or are they interactive?

These are interactive tablets located on the shelf next to each category (Rum, Vodka, etc.). Each store has about 15 screens. Shoppers tap on brands ads, cocktail ads, search for products using menus and key words, or simply scan a bottle to get valuable information about your brand.