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SellrTV connects Shoppers with Brands at the Point of Decision

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What Is SellrTV?

Your New Channel To Engage product Shoppers

SellrTV connects your digital content to the shopper in the aisle.

Ads, videos, imagery, product information at the touch of a finger.

What message would you deliver to a shopper ready to make a purchase?

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Monitor Real-Time Campaign Results With The SellrTV Dashboard

How did shoppers respond to your ad last weekend?

Did shoppers take notice of your new product launch?

The SellrTV Dashboard provides real-time insight for your campaign so you know what's working and what's not.

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Here's Our Process

We're here to help you find the right displays, format your ads, and understand report data.

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  • Schedule A Call With Our Team

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  • Launch Your First Campaign

    This is the easy part. Our team will configure the campaign to target shoppers based on our call

  • Track Engagement With Your Real-Time Dashboard

    Track how many times your ads were played, viewed, and tapped in the aisle

SellrTV Risk-Free Guarantee!

We guarantee that your ads will be seen by real people shopping for Retail products, in real stores. We’ll give you a ‘real-time’ reporting Dashboard to prove it! If you’re not satisfied, just tell us and we’ll refund your money. Simple.

Pricing Plans For Any Brand

Basic $750/mo
Billed Monthly
  • 10% Discount
  • 50k Monthly Impressions
  • Single Campaign
  • Live BevTV Dashboard
Engage $7,500/mo
Billed Monthly
  • 20% Discount
  • 500k Monthly Impressions
  • Multiple Campaigns / Creatives
  • Live BevTV Dashboard
  • Shopper Audience Metrics
Category Lead $22,500/mo
Billed Monthly
  • 30% Discount
  • 1.5M+ Monthly Impressions
  • Custom Campaigns
  • Live BevTV Dashboard
  • Shopper Audience Metrics
  • Sales Impact Analysis
  • Category/Sub-category Targeting
  • Category Exclusivity

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Our clients love working with SellrTV!

Verified Purchase

I can’t think of a single brand that would not want their content on this platform.

Verified Purchase

It’s hard to compete on the shelf with my small brand, but these ads put me in the top 10 brand views at a major retailer. I’m hooked!

Verified Purchase

The number of consumer engagements is clearly correlated with the number of ads. This channel works!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is "Weekly Shopper Count" calculated?

Our weekly shopper count is based on transaction data from the POS system at each store. We’re matching transactions to shoppers at a 1:1 ratio. This is a conservative number as it does not include shoppers who visit but do not make a purchase. The weekly amount is averaged over the course of 4 weeks to include any holidays.

Can I advertise to stores that don't sell my product?

Unfortunately not. We make a commitment to our retail partners that SellrTV will only promote product that are sold in their stores. We have a link to the stores POS system to know which UPCs are sold in that store to tailor advertising accordingly.

How long can I run my campaign?

Campaigns can last anywhere from 4 weeks to a year depending on the goals and sales objectives. Creative assets can be swapped during a campaign to test different results.

Can I only advertise in select stores or locations?

Yes. For each campaign a targeted audience will be created that best fits your content. Targeting can be set to a region, state, city, store, or even to specific aisles and tablets.

Meet Our Team

At Sellr we believe in making the shopping trip fun again.
And we’re having fun building a digital channel for brands to reach shoppers.

Here’s the team that's making it happen.

  • Tom Miller

  • Ern Sherman

  • Jeff Toeppner

  • Harry Lee

  • Robin Johnson

  • Troy Davis